Meet the team

Our team are rock stars (metaphorically, not literally). We have built an excellent reputation as a letting agency - check out our reviews! With everything that we are working on and the talent being nurtured, the future is bright.

We recruit the best people in the business and once they are part of the Umega family we do our best to hang onto them by constantly developing them to fulfil (and exceed) their career aspirations during their time with Umega. It's simple really, we appreciate and look after our team and they'll do the same with our clients.


Neil McInnes
  • Neil McInnes
  • Managing Director
Andy Whitmey
  • Andy Whitmey
  • New Business Director


Danielle Kerr
  • Danielle Kerr
  • New Business Manager
Nasim Forootan
  • Nasim Forootan
  • Assistant Director
Mohammad Abushaaban
  • Mohammad Abushaaban
  • New Business
Amit Panesar
  • Amit Panesar
  • New Business
Callum Beattie
  • Callum Beattie
  • Property Manager
Jonathon Whitten
  • Jonathon Whitten
  • Property Manager
David Hume
  • David Hume
  • Property Manager
Nikki Moore
  • Nikki Moore
  • Property Manager
Emily Hazlitt
  • Emily Hazlitt
  • Letting Negotiator
Kim Craven
  • Kim Craven
  • Letting Negotiator
Lucy Hardie
  • Lucy Hardie
  • Letting Negotiator
Lauren Hand
  • Lauren Hand
  • Letting Administrator
Rachel Simpson
  • Rachel Simpson
  • Letting Administrator


Bruce Rothwell
  • Bruce Rothwell
  • Head of Operations
Steve Smith
  • Steve Smith
  • Property Manager
Isla Gumley
  • Isla Gumley
  • Property Manager
Eden Ritchie
  • Eden Ritchie
  • Letting Negotiator
Chris Wood
  • Chris Wood
  • Investment


Kamila Zielinski
  • Kamila Zielinski
  • Accounts and Admin Manager
Tara Myburgh
  • Tara Myburgh
  • Accounts


David Forsyth
  • David Forsyth
  • Property Maintenance Manager
David Funnell
  • David Funnell
  • Property Maintenance
Maciej Walachowski
  • Maciej Walachowski
  • Property Maintenance
David Hannaford
  • David Hannaford
  • Property Compliance
Greig Hoehle
  • Greig Hoehle
  • Property Maintenance