We’re serious when we say Umega Lettings will be one of the best small businesses in the world to work for. It’s a bold statement but we know we can do it and we love taking steps every day towards this goal. We know that if our team love what they do, our customers will love what they do and the business will thrive and we’ll have a business we are incredibly proud of. Simple?!?

We’re always looking for things we can do to improve the working lives of our team. We spend more time each week with our colleagues than with our families so we should certainly enjoy it! We want everyone who works at Umega to love their time with us and to be proud of what we achieve each day.

The bigger stuff – We’ve got some great initiatives going on which are blogs in themselves (you can look forward to those!) including;

  • Staff property fund – a world first whereby we invest 20% of our profits in Edinburgh residential property, owned by our fantastic team
  • Investors in People – We have our Investors In People Silver accreditation and put a huge emphasis on training and development. If and when our team move on from Umega we want them to do so more knowledgable and as more capabale so they can go onto greatness!
  • Our special culture – We are proud of the special culture we have at Umega. We’re a values-led business meaning our values are central everything we do and every decision we face. I’m fascinated about this stuff and could talk about it for days!
  • Recognition – We make a big deal about recognising efforts and successes at Umega
  • Where and how we work – We know that our workspace has a huge impact on the lives of our team so lots of exciting changes coming for future articles

The Little things – There’s also a whole lot of little things we do to help make Umega Lettings a great place to work;

  • Vitality healthcare – Each of our team benefits from private healthcare via Vitality. Alongside the healthcare, Vitality offers the team a load of rewards for just being healthy including; free coffees, free cinema tickets and loads of discounts. Vitality has been a huge success for us and we’ve now got a Monday night running club, a third of our team are running the Edinburgh half marathon and a Umega cinema club is on the cards
  • FruitEdinburgh Community Food delivers a weekly crate of fruit to our office which gets demolished by the team over the course of the week (you’d be shocked at how many bananas we get through)
  • Breakfast on a Friday – it’s breakfast rolls all round on a Friday morning courtesy of Umega. The variety of roll combinations……doubles, triples………anyone for a Bacon-Haggis-Egg-hash brown quadruple…… would blow your mind
  • Culture club – The 6 members of our Culture Club make sure we have plenty social occasions in the diary to help us ‘relax’ together outside of the office. We have 4 biggies during the year, one for each of the seasons (including a summer away-day), and a whole number of other more impromptu nights out let by the younger Umega crew!
  • Celebrate anniversaries – we make sure we celebrate everyone’s Umeganniversary at our monthly company meeting. It’s a big deal when our team have been with us for 1, 2, 3 or 8 years so we make sure we celebrate each and every one of them and thank the team for their contribution towards building an amazing company we’re super proud of
  • An extra days holiday on your birthday – no one should have to work on their birthday should they? That’s why the Umega team get an extra days holiday to take on their birthday so they can go  wild celebrating or have a well deserved rest!

There’s a snippet of some of things we do at Umega to make our business a great place to work. There are so many other little things that it’s hard to articulate but are testament to the cool culture and brilliant people we have at Umega. There’s much, much more to come over the next few years as we strive to be one of the best small businesses in the world to work for!