We’re excited to be at the stage of carrying out your marketing shoot before we get your property on the market. Our talented photographer/videographer will visit to make sure your home looks its very best and stands out on the online portals.

Here are a number of recommendations to make sure the marketing shoot goes smoothly.

ON THE DAY: The marketing shoot is likely to take 3-4 hours by the time we capture everything. It’s normally best to leave our photographer/videographer to it as that makes their life easiest as they are free to roam the property to capture everything, so we recommend making alternative plans for the duration. Make sure pets are out of the house or are secured away.


TOUCHING UP:  We’ll normally have highlighted these things to you in advance, however it’s worth making sure any outstanding repairs are taken care of before the marketing shoot. That might be a loose shelf or a curtain not hanging correctly which would be visible in photos, on video or in the 3D your. If there’s small chips in painted woodwork it’s worth touching these up so that everything looks as neat as possible.


DECLUTTER: Remove any clutter. It’s fine to leave some personal items in place as it is a home after all and that’s the lifestyle we’re trying to capture and share with prospective buyers. Some agents will suggest completely neutralizing the space, taking down personal photos and artwork but buyers do appreciate these things so we prefer some personal items to stay, provided things are not too busy and cluttered.

Remove excess items from worktops, tables and other visible areas and in kitchens hide away some of the worktop appliances such as air fryers, microwaves and rice cookers. Store away personal items such as remote controls, papers, and children’s toys and organize and tidy up shelves and bookcases to give a spacious look. It’s worth doing your best to tidy up storage cupboards, garages and sheds so buyers can get a good idea of the space on offer.


CLEAN THOROUGHLY: Vacuum carpets and mop vinyl or hardwood floors. Clean windows inside and out for maximum natural light. Scrub tiles, clean mirrors, and ensure the sink, toilet, and bath/shower are spotless. Clean kitchen appliances, worktops, and sinks and remove any stains or fingerprints.


DRESS THE SPACE: sell the lifestyle! If it’s your home the property will likely be staged but if the property doesn’t look lived-in it’s worth dressing the space to help a buyer visualise what life would look like when living there. Add centrepieces like flowers (fresh or artificial) in the living room or a full fruit bowl in the kitchen or on the dining table. During the marketing shoot we’ll capture these finer details. Make the beds with clean, crisp linen and throw in some pillows for a touch of luxury (learn the karate chop technique for presenting pillows!). Hang fresh towels, and add a candle or a plant for a spa-like feel.


KERB APPEAL: Gardens are in demand so it’s important they look their best. Cut the grass, blow away any leaves, tidy away garden toys, trim hedges, remove weeds and clean the driveway if there is one.


LIGHT IT UP: Good lighting can make a world of difference in photographs. Open all blinds and curtains to let in natural light and turn on all lights at the beginning of the marketing shoot, including lamps and overhead fixtures, to ensure every room is well-lit

Preparing your home for our marketing shoot takes time and effort, but the results are well worth it. By following these steps, you’ll create a clean, welcoming, and appealing environment that showcases your home’s best features and will ensure the marketing shoot goes smoothly!