We’re over-the-moon to announce that we won 3 awards at the 2017 Allagents Customer Service Awards.

The Allagents Awards – Allagents is the UK’s largest customer review website for the property industry and provides transparency around estate and letting agent services. There are so many negative stereotypes within property sales and lettings and it’s so hard to know the good guys from the bad. Allagents are doing a great job of giving landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers a voice! The Allagents awards are the UK’s largest customer awards scheme for agents and people working within the property industry and winners achieve awards based on feedback from clients rating and sharing their customer service experiences. Awards are based on reviews posted between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017.

Why are online reviews important to us? It’s easy for consumers to go online when they’re annoyed about something. A chance for those Keyboard Warriors to vent! However, people rarely go online to say when they’re happy about a service or product. We EXPECT to be satisfied so the majority of us don’t go online after a nice meal, a pleasant taxi ride, a successful trip to the supermarket or a good meeting with our insurance broker to sing praises; it’s just not the British way is it! The fact that, as of today, 208 of our customers have taken the time to go onto google and 197 people have reviewed us on Allagents to tell the world what they think of us makes us very, very proud.

How can bad reviews be good? It’s not to say we don’t get the odd bad online review; it’s to be expected when dealing with people’s homes, something that they understandably become very emotional about. However, we take care to respond to every review and to investigate these to do our best to rectify any issues or to explain things from our point of view. How a company deals with negative feedback can say just as much about the company and its approach (and how you should expect to be treated by them as a potential customer) as a glowing 5 star review from a happy customer.

Your online review rating is completely transparent and is a true representation of how you are doing as a business. At Umega Lettings we continually ask our clients how we’re doing so that we can make sure they’re happy and importantly; we can reflect, learn and improve in order to be the best letting agent on the planet!

We’re so chuffed to have won 3 awards at the Allagents awards and to be one of the best letting agents in Scotland in terms of the customer service our team deliver to our customers. We’ve big plans for 2018 and we’ll keep improving to make sure we deliver outstanding service and our customers can’t help themselves but go online and say nice things about us!