In 2020, legislation was passed by The Scottish Government to implement minimum EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) standards required in rental properties and it was due to come into force in Spring 2020.

This was initially delayed until October 2020 to give landlords more time to bring affected properties up to the new required efficiency standard, but due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the delayed implementation date was also scrapped. Currently, the new regulations are paused until further notice due to the ongoing impact of Coronavirus on the construction and private rented sectors.

What’s in the new regulations?

In an attempt to improve the energy efficiency throughout the Private Rented Sector, the regulations require rental properties to have an EPC rating of D or higher. The deadline for the “D or higher” requirement will be in 2022 for any property that is advertised for let, most commonly between tenancies. For long-term sitting tenancies, the deadline will be in 2025. 

The government plans to set out the regulations later this year when they will provide detailed guidance and revised timescales on the requirements.

A blog we wrote last year  outlines the proposed (now on hold) timescales, and some exemptions to the minimum standards.

We’ll keep you posted.