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It doesn’t need to be so complicated

With over 14 years in business and over 1,600 properties under our management, our award-winning team can help investors buy investment property in Edinburgh. We get a huge thrill from helping investors secure great properties, demystifying the investment buying process and sharing our experience and knowledge of the Edinburgh market.

We're can help investors looking to purchase buy to let property in Edinburgh

In 2 simple ways
Option 1:
Option 1:

Umega support for Investors

For investors happy and able to source and inspect properties themselves we offer free support, on hand to provide advice and rental valuations whenever required.

Our focus is on helping investors buy great properties so that they become part of the Umega family and we can build successful long-term relationships.

Option 2:
Option 2:

Third party sourcing agent

For investors based outside of Edinburgh or those unable to carry out their own search and inspections we work closely with a third-party sourcing agent who takes care of the entire sourcing process on behalf of investors.

This includes shortlisting, inspecting, appraising properties and making recommendations to offer before charging a fee, normally equal to 1% of the purchase price once a property is secured.

Understanding Edinburgh property investment

Here’s the steps buy to let investors should consider when buying an Edinburgh property investment.

Getting started

Understanding the finances

Registering with a solicitor

Understanding the best ownership


Where to search

Understanding home reports & surveys

Focusing search criteria

Comparing investments & offering

Comparing investments & offering

Making offers

Working with solicitors


Refurbishing & furnishing

Preparing for completion

Transition over to our lettings team

Reputation Speaks Volumes

Our business is all about reputation and referrals.

We have a successful business and attract new customers because we take care of our customers and employees. It’s as simple as that.

World-Beating Team

Our customer service comes from recruiting the right people and creating the conditions for them to do an amazing job.

We really look after our people so they look after you.

Culture of Learning

We’ve accumulated decades of experience and lessons.

We take every opportunity to capture what’s happening, learn from it and share it with our customers.

We love helping investors secure fantastic investment properties in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is consistently recognised as one of the best place to invest in residential property in the UK with fantastic capital and rental growth prospects over the next 5 years and beyond. Read more about Edinburgh property investment in our blog.

We’re happy to share our thoughts on the Edinburgh property market, investment hot spots and our recommended property style and size to focus on. We’ll also introduce investors to accountants, solicitors, financial advisors, insurance brokers and furnishing specialist so they have a great team to help them through their investment purchasing journey.

Option 1

For investors happy to source properties themselves, we’re here to give our opinion on any properties shortlisted including thoughts on likely rent valuations, recommended upgrades and anything else that jumps out to us relating to the investment potential of each property.

Option 2

For those who need more ‘on the ground’ support, our third party sourcing agent will take care of everything locally so that properties can be sourced and purchased remotely.

For those properties needing refurbishment, our in-house maintenance team will quote for and take care of any refurbishment required before passing onto our lettings team to prepare the property for advertising to secure a great tenant.

We want you to become a Umega landlord so we’ll help you in any way we can to get there!

Innovating & investing in our service

We’re continually innovating and investing in the latest and best solutions and technology to help support our team, our customers and enhance our service.
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