We combine the care of our fantastic team with some of the best technologies available to make life as convenient as possible when landlords and tenants deal with us.

Here’s some of the things we do to make our landlords lives easier.

  • FREE ONLINE RENTAL VALUATION – Landlords can start their journey remotely with a free online rental valuation of their property. Using our online valuation tool, landlords get an accurate idea of their property’s rental value, based on recent rental evidence in the area.

  • ONLINE ONBOARDING – We’re able to onboard our landlords remotely, allowing the property to be added to the market as conveniently as possible. This includes all information gathering, Terms & Conditions and identification checks.

  • PAYMENT APP – Our rental payments are processed via the Payprop platform under the oversight of our accounts team, allowing swift, secure payments directly via the UK banking system. The Payprop app allows our landlords to check on the status of their property finances at any time they choose, including downloading monthly and annual statements.

  • INSPECTION PLATFORM – Our property inspection reports are sent to landlords immediately after our visit, including embedded photos and notes. This is a convenient way for landlords to be kept in the loop in relation to their property’s condition, giving immediate feedback and complete peace of mind that we’re keeping a close eye on things. 

Here are some of the things we do to make life easier for our tenants.

This allows tenants to view and move into our properties easily, making sure all paperwork is accurate and clear and ensuring that maintenance jobs and emergencies are dealt with promptly.

  • PROPERTY VIDEOS – All our properties are available to view via a video viewing giving tenants a clear picture of the property layout and condition and allowing them to apply for a property confidently without visiting. 

  • ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS – A link to our online application form is sent out as soon as a viewing is complete or a tenant requests. Once a landlord approves anapplicant, all subsequent references, credit- and ID-checks are taken care of online, so that busy tenants don’t need to take a trip into our office. 
  • ONLINE TENANCY SIGNING – When it comes to moving in the only reason for tenants to come to our office is to collect their keys as our tenancy agreement is read and signed online. 

  • ONLINE INVENTORY EDITING AND SIGNING – When a tenancy starts, the new tenants receive a link to an online inventory, containing photographs and comments. Tenants can upload additional photos and notes if they wish to record things they notice when they move in. 

  • 24/7 ONLINE MAINTENANCE REPORTING – Once a tenant settles in they can report maintenance issues via our online maintenance platform 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The platform will also guide tenants to potential solutions so that some issues can be rectified right away, avoiding unnecessary delays and unnecessary call outs before repairs. 
  • 24/7 EMERGENCY PHONE LINE – When it’s an emergency, we have a 24-hour emergency phone line to take care of tenants and their property. We have experienced call handlers who can help diagnose issues, signpost tenants or call upon an emergency contractor to rectify issues that really cannot wait to keep our tenants and their properties safe.