Landlord Registration in Scotland has been in place since 2004. Before a landlord rents out their property they must register with the local authority covering the area where the property is located. Registering ensures the property and the landlord meet the minimal legal requirements and the council checks that the property owner is ‘fit and proper’ to be a landlord. Landlords can register at and registration lasts for 3 years then must be renewed (up to 90 days before it expires). Where properties are jointly owned, all owners must register.

Changes to Landlord Registration – Under new regulations passed by Scottish Government on 3rd June 2019 there are some minor changes to Landlord Registration in Scotland. These changes will come into force on 16th September 2019 and landlords in Scotland will now need to declare that their property meets the Repairing Standard.and that all safety certificates are in place as part of the Landlord Registration process. 

What do landlords in Edinburgh need to do? We’re still waiting for confirmation from City of Edinburgh Council to see exactly how they’ll interpret the legislation; i.e. will this be via a checkbox declaration or whether they’ll need to see evidence that the property meets criteria. We also expect the application and renewal application process to go a little deeper in terms of the information requested.

Changes to landlord registration fees – The landlord registration fees for applications and renewals increased in June from £55 to £65 and the fee for additional properties from £11 to £15. There’s still a 10% discount if you apply online but watch out for a £130 fee if your renewal is late!