We’ve no doubt landlords will be acutely aware of the tax relief changes coming into force on 6th April 2020, now that we’re two years down the road towards relief on mortgage interest being phased out completely (more about this in our blog here).

With these changes already in motion this may be a good opportunity to pause for thought when it comes to your existing mortgage arrangements. According to our friends at Heritable Ltd, the lending market is brimming with specialist Buy-to-Let lenders lending to a range of individuals and companies, A number of these lenders will lend to overseas investors or ex-pats that hold residential property in the UK.

Whether you’re a portfolio Landlord with several HMO flats looking to re-mortgage, an overseas investor / UK passport holder with a property in the UK or an individual first-time landlord with a single flat looking to raise finance for a second BTL mortgage, Heritable would be delighted to contact or meet with you to discuss mortgage needs in more detail. If you’d like more information on their services and your options, please contact Cameron McCallum on 0131 516 6262 [email protected].

Heritable Ltd (https://www.heritableltd.co.uk/) is a small, welcoming and friendly firm of independent whole of market mortgage brokers and independent financial advisors, based in Edinburgh.