In the ever-evolving landscape of Edinburgh’s property market, a new trend is gaining momentum, challenging the traditional “Offers Over” pricing strategy with more properties than ever hitting the market with a ‘Fixed Price’



For decades, the Edinburgh estate agent market has been dominated by the “offers over” pricing strategy. This method involves setting a lower asking price to attract a pool of potential buyers, with the hope that competition will drive the final sale price above the initial figure. While this approach has proven hugely successful, it can also lead to uncertainty for buyers – leaving them unsure about the true value of a property. Against the backdrop of a volatile mortgage market, many buyers simply don’t have the option to push their offers beyond the Home Report values to the same degree they once could.  



In recent months, a growing number of sellers and estate agents, including Umega, have seen great success when adopting a fixed-price approach. This method sets a clear, non-negotiable price for the property, eliminating the need for potential buyers to engage in competitive bidding wars. 



Fixed-price listings provide transparency, offering buyers a clear understanding of the seller’s expectations from the outset. This transparency fosters trust between buyers and sellers, streamlining and speeding up the negotiation process. It can also help reduce the likelihood of the sale falling-through due to buyers over-extending themselves and then being unable to secure mortgage funds at an inflated level.



With a fixed-price strategy, the selling process tends to be more efficient. Buyers can make informed decisions quickly, and sellers can avoid the prolonged negotiation periods associated with the “offers over” model, and ultimately secure a sale more quickly. This efficiency benefits all parties involved, from estate agents to conveyancers and, most importantly, the clients.



Modern homebuyers, particularly younger generations, often prefer straightforward transactions with minimal complexity. Fixed prices align with this preference, offering a more straightforward and less stressful buying experience for all involved. 



Fixed pricing contributes to market stability by minimising the volatility associated with fluctuating property values. This can be particularly appealing in uncertain economic times, providing a sense of security for both buyers and sellers.



As a proactive Edinburgh estate agent, Umega is adapting to the changing dynamics of the property market. We understand that each property and seller is unique, and our team is committed to tailoring our approach to meet the individual needs and preferences of our clients.


While we recognise the benefits of the traditional “offers over” model, and continue to use this strategy where appropriate, we also appreciate the advantages offered by the fixed-price approach for some buyers, and some properties in the current market.  We prioritise working closely with our clients to determine the strategy that aligns best with their goals. Our aim is to provide a seamless and positive experience for both buyers and sellers ultimately leading to great results for our clients. Whether it’s the traditional “offers over” strategy or the emerging trend of fixed-price sales, our commitment to exceptional service and client satisfaction remains unwavering. 


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