This is the first in a series of blogs we’ll be sharing to help those aspiring to own a property to join the dots of the property buying process.

Why are we doing this?

Late last year we ran a series of interviews with a group of Umega Lettings employees to better understand their motivations around buying or renting a property. We had assumed  that finances were the biggest hurdle to buying a property, however it turned out that while finances are obviously important, the common feedback from our team was that the property buying process was so confusing….and that’s from people who deal with properties every day! 


Our (first!) First Time Buyer Support Workshop

So, with this understanding we hosted a First Time Buyer support workshop to break down and demystify the buying process and to give the team confidence to go forward with buying their first property. The impact internally has been incredible and 4 members of the Umega team have now gone on to purchase properties with another 4 not far behind.  

Here’s some insights from some of those who took part;

Why stop there?

Following the success of our internal First Time Buyer support we thought it would be helpful to share this knowledge with the outside world, who would undoubtedly share similar frustrations and confusions with the property market and the buying process. 


Our First Time Buyer Support for Tenants series

Our next blog in the series will be released next week so keep an eye on our website or if you’re a Umega tenant, our newsletter. Over the next 4 blogs we’ll be demystifying the process around; 

If you want to chew the first-time-buyer-fat with one of the Umega team who has been through the training and come out the other side (with their own property to show from it!), please just call the office and you’ll be passed onto the right person who  would love to share their experience with you.