You’ve agreed to act as a guarantor and now you’ve been sent an Amiqus email… what’s going on?

First of all – thank you for being a guarantor! This is an important role for helping some of our tenants secure their dream property. We’ve published a comprehensive guide on what the role of the guarantor means, which you can find here. We strongly recommend you give it a read over before you dive into what comes after.

What is Amiqus? Is it secure?

Amiqus ID is a platform which enables regulated businesses to carry out identity and compliance checks. It’s the portal we use at Umega for our landlord, tenant and even employee referencing process. The Amiqus ID platform enables personal information to be encrypted throughout the process, way more secure than sending personal documents as email attachments. It’s also certified by (and exceeds) the requirements set by the UK government cyber security accreditation scheme Cyber Essentials Plus. For more information on the security around Amiqus ID, click here. Umega has a bit of a crush on Amiqus ID – it’s a really cool company with an awesome product.

What documents will I need to provide to Amiqus ID? 

Guarantors need to complete a credit check (this just involves adding personal details and three years of address history). Guarantors can then upload an original photographic ID, alongside proof of address (a utility bill works great) and proof of income (normally two months of payslips, a P60 or a job contract).

Why do you need to see my income?

Part of the role of the guarantor is to take financial responsibility for any rent arrears that may arise during the course of a tenancy. While this is unlikely, checks still need to be carried out to ensure that the guarantor wouldn’t be left financially vulnerable if it did happen. Using Amiqus ID ensures that information stays safe and confidential.

Are you a legitimate company?

Great question! Short answer : Yes we are!
The longer answer is that our full company name is Umega Limited, and we’ve been registered in Scotland under registration number SC33075 since 2007 (you can verify us through Companies House here). We’re registered with the Scottish Government’s Letting Agent Registration, through which we agree to a code of practice in how we treat our landlords and tenants and, crucially, how we handle client funds. We’re also ARLA Propertymark-regulated, which means our staff are regularly trained on the latest legislation through their ARLA qualifications. Oh we were crowned Residential Lettings Team of the Year at The Scottish Home Awards (the Scottish housing industry’s Oscars!) in 2018 and 2019.

What if I have other questions?

The guarantor’s role is an important one, and we’re very used to helping tenants and guarantors understand their obligations and our processes. If you have any questions at all please just contact our office on 0131 221 0888 or pop into our snazzy office if you are an Edinburgh local.