The kitchen is usually the most important room in a rental property. In most homes the kitchen is the social hub and nerve centre of the household. It’s where families come together and where flatmates socialise so if you are a landlord then neglect your property’s kitchen at your peril. It can be a regular theme in rental properties where the kitchen lets down the rest of the property. It is true that the location and specification of a rental property need to meet the criteria of prospective tenants but once those boxes have been ticked then a modern kitchen in good condition is of vital importance to prospective tenants who will nearly always have more than one property option. For landlords who will be competing for their choice of the best tenant then a new fitted kitchen can make a huge difference to the amount of rent they are able to achieve as well as their choice of prospective tenant.

Umega is now able to offer a bespoke service that includes design, supply and fitting of a new fitted kitchen in their rental property through our association with Home Story Kitchen and Bathrooms. Home Story is part of LetFix Property Maintenance and has fitted dozens of new kitchens and bathrooms for Umega over the last 5 years. We have come to realise how important this service is to our landlords and have worked closely with Home Story to get it right. Landlords are able to run instant online kitchen quotes on the Home Story website to find out the options available to them and the relative costs as well as timelines for installation. Timelines are vitally important if you are fitting a new kitchen with current tenants in place or trying to minimise the void period between tenancies. Home Story have access to a broad range of designers and suppliers including B&Q, Howdens and Magnet at extremely competitive prices.

Fitting a new kitchen to your rental property will have two significant benefits. Firstly, as previously mentioned, the attractiveness of your property to prospective tenants will increase meaning you will be able to achieve a higher monthly rent and have a better choice of prospective tenants. Secondly, your tenants will appreciate the kitchen and property much more as they will know that you care about the quality of your property and their experience whilst living there. This can lead to better tenant relationships and longer tenancies.

To see how much a new fitted kitchen would cost for your rental property and how easy it is to get started, visit the Home Story website.