We’ve made some changes to the way we deal with our monthly rent payments and it’s great news for our landlords and tenants.

We’ve teamed up with global industry-leading payments software platform, Payprop and from 1st August all of our tenant rents and landlord payments will be running through their innovative system. Payprop software integrates directly into the UK banking system so that landlord and tenant account balances are 100% live and accurate on a daily basis. It offers bank-grade security and has been in operation since 2004, already dealing with 500,000 tenancies around the world. Payprop has become a leading processor of rental payments for the property management industry and the platform sets the standard for speed and accuracy of payments, as well as payment status transparency.

What this means for our customers – What’s in it for you? We understand that landlords and tenants will want to know that their payments are secure and that money flows swiftly from one to the other, without anything unnecessary holding up the process. Payprop allows payments to landlords to be made on the same day that the tenant pays and all our customers will be automatically informed of payments received or due, right away. The whole process for all our customers will be faster, safer and more accurate! The system removes the chance of human error coming into play with the software and bank communicating directly, with our team overseeing things.

What this means for our team – This step forward will free up our accounts team, giving them more headspace to help our customers solve their problems – instead of being bogged down in processing daily rent receipts. We believe this will lead to improved customer service and more opportunity for our fantastic team to do what they’re best at. 

What this means for our sector – We make no secret of wanting to shake up our sector and raise standards for others to follow and this integration of Payprop is another example of Umega looking to improve life for our landlords and our tenants.

We’re really excited about this development and what it means for everybody. For our terrific landlords there is nothing to do; we will handle everything – and for our amazing tenants we will be in touch directly in the next week regarding these changes, to ensure a smooth transition.