You might think Umega is a property company, but it’s not.

It’s a people business.

Great culture in any organisation isn’t possible without attracting the right people to work there. Who are the right people? That depends on the company. 

We’ve learned a ton over the last 14 years about what we look for, and avoid, in new team members. Being clear and open with potential new teammates about what we’re looking for, and what we’re not, has really helped our hiring decisions over the last few years. This approach also helps new applicants understand what we’re about and decide if Umega is somewhere they want to work: it’s a two way street, we’re being interviewed too. 

By creating an unusually open atmosphere for the selection process, whatever the outcome, it makes for a positive experience for the candidates as well as our hiring managers. Here are some helpful things to know if you consider applying to work at Umega.


1. We care more about how you treat people
than your property experience

We can give you property experience but we expect you to already know how to look after and be kind to people. If you’ve not figured out how to do that by now, we won’t have you on the team.


2. A passionate and sincere cover letter
(or even better, a video)
will almost certainly mean you get short-listed.

The flip side of this coin is that if you don’t submit a good covering letter or video, we’re not going to short-list you regardless of what’s in your CV. Be authentic and honest about why you want to work at Umega and what drives you – don’t hold back!


3. Don’t fake it, we promise we won’t either.

Whether or not we offer you a job, make sure it’s because we’ve got an accurate picture of you. If you fake it, or play a character of who you think we’re looking for, trust us, it’s obvious and the interview will go down like a lead balloon. Be yourself. Whether you get a job offer or not, we’re going to be kind, look after you and be honest with you throughout the process. Our aim is to deliver a positive experience for you first, and to make a good hiring decision second. 


4. Show us you’re a learner.

Learning is Umega’s superpower and we look for people who embody a love of learning. Part of learning, and therefore growing, is trying different things and seeing what works well and what doesn’t. You can’t learn without recognising you could do things better. Perfect doesn’t exist so don’t kid yourself that you are. If you are someone who avoids going wrong at all costs, then you’re avoiding learning too. We’re looking for people who can talk openly and reflectively about what they’ve done in the past; good, bad and ugly.


5. If you’re right for us, there’s a career for you here if you want one.

No matter how many applications we receive for a position at Umega, we hire good people when we find them. When we find more than one person that we want to hire for an advertised position, we offer all of them jobs regardless of how many positions are currently open. The top successful candidates will be offered the advertised positions that start immediately and the other successful applicants will be offered positions starting within a few months.

If you’re right for us, we want you and there’s a career for you at Umega if you want one.


6. Once you’re in the door…

get the most out of your time with us both in work and outside of it. Go all-in for however long you are with us and we’ll do the same for you. Leave your role in better shape than you find it. Every one of us is going to move on from our current job, whether that’s within Umega or somewhere else, so make your seat is better for the next person who will sit in it. 


If you’re going to apply to work at Umega, please don’t hold back in your application or interviews. We promise you’ll learn a ton regardless of the outcome. 

If you want any advice or questions prior to applying, just email these to [email protected] or call our office and talk to whoever answers the phone about our selection process and what it’s like working here. Anyone in our team will appreciate being asked.