Throughout this year, we’ve continually reviewed and made changes to the way we work to keep our employees and customers safe and comfortable, and play our part in reducing the number of Coronavirus infections in the country. The latest update to restrictions and guidance from the Scottish Government has not led to any significant changes to the way we are delivering our service but emphasises vigilance as we head through autumn and into the winter.  

Available Property Viewings

There is a higher than normal volume of rental properties on the market for this time of year, but we continue to receive a high volume of enquiries about our available properties. We advertise properties on the market with a video viewing to give prospective tenants a clear and current online impression of what the property is like. For many prospective tenants, this is all they need to make an offer on a property and we support this as it reduces the number of face-to-face meetings that our customers and team need to make. We provide face-to-face (safe and socially distant) viewings where the property is vacant, the prospective tenant has viewed the property online, discussed the property with a member of our team and would like to physically see it before making an offer.

Applications & Lease Signings

Our entire application and lease signing process is carried out remotely and online. Through the use of market-leading solutions like AmiqusID and Signable we are able to check identities, credit scores, references and sign all tenancy documents electronically. Prospective tenants and landlords discuss the details of an upcoming tenancy with their relevant representative from our team over the phone or on Zoom. The only time we need to meet face-to-face with new tenants prior to moving in is when they collect the keys.

Our Office is Open for Appointments

The majority of our team continues to work very successfully remotely. We have a small number of our team in the office each day to take care of key handling for our customers and contractors. We are not currently accommodating customer visits to our office without an appointment. If you would like to meet face-to-face with a member of our team then please get in touch and we can arrange this with you either at our office or at the relevant property. Our whole team is working and ready to help.

Repairs in Tenanted Properties

For most of lockdown, the government advice and our policy was to only order work in a tenanted property if it was urgent and essential. The current advice is to attend to work as we would normally. This covers non-essential repairs and updating legal certificates in all of our tenanted properties. All of this work is carried out whilst meeting social distancing and hygiene measures and provided nobody involved is displaying any Coronavirus symptoms.

Looking Ahead

We expect these ways of working to remain relevant and in place for the coming months. We remain tuned in and ready to adjust to the latest government guidance as and when it’s updated. If you have any questions about how we’re working currently, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to help.