Over the past two months, the Edinburgh estate agency team at Umega has successfully negotiated offers on over 20 homes, with properties going under offer in an average of 25 days and achieving an average selling price of 3% above home report valuation. A key factor in our success has been our initial pricing strategy, ensuring we capitalise on the crucial first three-week period when a property is first listed.


Maximising the initial buzz

When a property is first listed, it sits in a prime position on the online portals and is sent to registered buyers through email and text alerts. The new For Sale board catches the attention of neighbours and there’s usually an initial buzz and a rush to book viewings. This is the optimal time to generate significant interest, potentially leading to a competitive closing date and a higher sale price.



Setting the right initial price is crucial to attract potential buyers during the first few weeks. While it might be tempting to set a high asking price to maximise sale price, an overpriced property can put buyers off, placing it outside their budget or making it less appealing compared to similar, more affordable options in the area.



If the initial surge of potential buyers decides not to view the property in the early days or weeks, it risks falling off their radar, overshadowed by newer listings and alerts. Properties that linger on the market beyond this period risk becoming stagnant. They drop down the listings, and potential buyers become suspicious or overlook them, wondering why the property hasn’t sold or assuming there are underlying issues.



Edinburgh’s housing market is becoming more competitive, with a 44% increase in homes listed on Rightmove compared to May 2023. With so many homes available, it’s more important than ever for new listings to capture buyers’ attention during the initial three-week period. This leads to the best offers being made and maximises the chances of a successful sale.