When searching for a brand-new home to rent, one thing to look out for is the council tax band for the property as it can vary a lot depending on location.

Que E-to-the-Z (Emily Hazlitt, one of our superfly Lettings Managers) who spits lyrics like a dragon spits fire, yo.

Council tax, sits on the fringe but could unhinge, the certainty
of monthly budgets, force some cuts in calculations for the savings
of a getaway vacation.

Use this guide and hitch a ride to navigate this open space,
of understanding the hows whats and can bes, to a place of certainty,
Council tax: down to a T.

So, let’s get down to business… Normally, when properties are advertised, the cost of council tax is not included in the advertised rent figure. However, the council tax band for a property can make a big difference to the overall monthly cost of a new pad. At Umega, we want to ensure that all our tenants are fully up to speed on all of the associated costs of a property so that there are no nasty hidden surprises that crop up after the big move and make the strategically build budget fall to pieces.

Who pays council tax?

Under a Private Rented Tenancy the tenant is responsible for paying council tax (whereas for holiday lets, where it’s normally the landlord who will cover the cost of council tax and utility bills). Students are exempt from paying council tax, however it is their responsibility to contact the council and inform them of their student status to receive exemption. If a household includes either: 1 solo tenant aged 18 years or older, or 1 tenant is a professional and the rest are students, there will be a 25% discount on the monthly cost. Kerching!

How to set up council tax?

It is the tenant’s responsibility to inform the council of their move. At Umega we also email the council once tenants move in, however, we still recommend that tenants contact the council directly. In Edinburgh, it’s super easy to do this through the Edinburgh Council website: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/info/20005/council_tax

What does this include?

The council tax includes water and sewerage.

How to pay:

Tenants pay directly to the council and can do so easily by Direct Debit or with an online form. There is the option to pay 10 monthly instalments from April to January, and nothing to pay in February or March. (Making the post-Christmas squeeze months slightly easier to budget.) It’s also possible to pay monthly (and select the preferred payment date), or in an annual lump sum. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So, how much?

The cost depends on the council tax band area the property lies within. Information on the band is normally informed in an advertised property.

Council tax in Edinburgh is ranked in bands from A-H:


Cost 12 Monthly 10 Monthly

25% discount

A £1,147.76





£1,339.05 £111.59 £133.91



£1,530.35 £127.53 £153.04 £1,147.76
D £1,721.64 £143.47 £172.16



£2,221.32 £185.11 £222.13 £1,665.99


£2,717.46 £226.46 £271.75 £2,038.10
G £3,241.98 £270.17 £324.20


H £4,018.11 £334.84 £401.81



We hope this was a useful guide to council tax in Edinburgh, but please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any further questions!