Letting agents in Edinburgh have been offering specialized services to clients for over two decades. They can offer you a wide range of choices in flats and houses to rent in Edinburgh.

Let us read in detail about how letting agents can help you rent flats in Edinburgh.

  1. Who Is A Letting Agent?

Letting agent is a private business that deals with rented properties as houses, rooms and flats. The landlords pay the letting agents to look for a suitable tenant at the optimum rent.

  1. A Fully Managed Or Partially Managed Service

The letting agent can be hired for a fully managed service or a partial service. He can be directed to stay in touch on a daily basis or weekly. He also looks after the repairs and maintenance of the property.

  1. An Agent Can Further Hire A Smaller Agency

A letting agent can work with smaller agencies on behalf of the landlord in order to get more exposure to the property and create bigger demand. There are certain estate agents who perform the dual role of a letting agent too.

  1. Take Care Of Advertising

 An up-to-date letting agent will have an office at a prime location in order to be easily accessible to future clients. They will advertise properties in the local newspapers, and all leading websites. A letting agent is able to judge the pulse of the market much better than the landlord and the prospective client.

  1. Nominal Charges

A well reputed letting agent, handling Houses to rent Edinburgh, will charge a very nominal fee to the landlord and not try to fleece him. The tenants are normally not charged any commission and are expected to only pay for the credit checks and preparation of the tenancy agreement. It is strongly advised to check the fee agreement before hiring letting agents in Edinburgh.

  1. Confusion Between Letting Agents And Landlords

It needs to be clarified that a letting agent is not the owner of the property, and is only acting on behalf of the landlord. If you are a landlord, there is every possibility that you might meet the tenant only on papers and never in person, or vice versa.

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