If your property is currently empty, could now be a good time to carry out some improvements to it?

Due to the ongoing lockdown in Scotland, there are many more rental properties on the market than we would expect at this time of year; around 60% higher than last year. We expect the number of available properties on the market to come back down closer to normal levels once the lockdown restrictions are eased over the next couple of months, but until then the market will remain slow and very competitive. 

As a consequence of current restrictions where only essential work is allowed in tenanted properties, our maintenance team are not carrying out the work they would normally. As such, most of our maintenance team are on furlough. They have the skills to carry out a wide range of property repairs and improvements and we can bring them back at short notice to work on vacant properties if you need them.

This could be a great opportunity for you to carry out timely repairs or upgrades on your property to prepare for future tenancies and the market starting to move more rapidly into the summer. 

If you’d like to explore this further with our help, please contact your Relationship Manager Pod and we’ll provide our recommendations on improvements to consider and provide quotes for anything you are considering.


Some recent renovation project by Umega Maintenance Team: