It’s simple, it’s about customer service. As a letting agent, there are three groups to consider:

  • Our staff
  • Our tenants
  • Our landlords

Top of our list is our staff. If we recruit and retain the best people and look after them really well then our team will do the same for our tenants and landlords. Take a look at how we look after our team here.

Then our tenants. It’s simple really; happy tenants means longer smoother tenancies which better loved properties which means happy landlords. We get it. In order to give our landlords what they want from a letting agent we need to look after their tenants, and do it really well.

Finally our landlords, this is where our service skills and experience really come in. We are proactive, accessible and responsive. REALLY responsive. We make sure that if one of our landlords wants to talk they get through to us quickly and easily and when they need us to do something for them, we do it pronto. We make sure we communicate with landlords so they’re kept up to speed with everything related to their property and they can relax, knowing we’re on top of everything.

By bringing our Letting philosophy to work every day, we have a phenomenally talented team here and have built an excellent reputation as an agency with a really bright future. Check out what our customers think of us here.