Lessons from the world of broadband

A recent ruling by Ofcom means that broadband and landline customers in the UK will now find it easier than ever to change providers and to secure a better deal under a new ‘One Touch Switch’ process.

Ofcom research found that 4 in 10 people who decide not to switch were put off due to the hassle of having to contact both providers and to have to line the switch up without a drop in services. Broadband customers will now only have to contact their current provider before making the move. They can sign up with a new provider who will take care of dealing with the previous provider to close that account and to line everything up seamlessly. If things go wrong, the providers have to compensate the customer. 

Is it difficult to change letting agents?

From speaking to landlords considering changing letting agents to Umega, there’s a perception that it’s a tricky, cumbersome process to change letting agent. For busy landlords it can feel like a lot of work to transfer everything over from one letting agent to another, particularly when a tenancy is already underway, deposits have been lodged, standing orders set up, maintenance jobs in progress. 

Well it doesn’t need to be complicated!

In reality it’s really easy for landlords to change agents, with minimal fuss and workload for the landlord.

Our One Touch Switch for landlords changing letting agents

For landlords looking to change letting agents, all they need to do is email their current letting agent, copying us in and including the following sentence; 

I’d like to transfer the management of my property over to Umega, please liaise directly with their team to ensure a seamless switch.

……and we’ll do the rest, taking care of all the hard work and keeping them updated throughout the transfer.

Looking for more information?

For a full breakdown of the steps we’ll go through to transfer your property over to Umega take a look at this document . If you’d like to have a chat about why a switch to Umega could be the right move for you please contact our ambassador team on 0131 221 8280 or email [email protected] with any questions you have.