Making life easier for landlords during these challenging times

We understand that during times like this, property owners will need advice, information, answers and support more quickly than ever. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated changes to the way people are working, living, socializing and moving around, we’ve adapted our service and onboarding so that everything can be taken care of remotely for property owners exploring renting out their property on a long-term basis.


For landlords currently living in their property

Landlords should contact us and can arrange for a video call to give us a virtual tour of the property. We can normally see enough via this video (alongside a quick look on Google Street View and the rental archives we have access to) to provide an accurate rental figure. A video call is also a good chance to discuss the lettings process and to answer any specific questions face(time) to face(time). 

For landlords living away from Edinburgh

After an initial conversation, landlords can send keys to our Quartermile office and we’ll pop round to the property to inspect. We can then either speak via video call from the property so that landlords can point us towards specific items or we can follow up with a phone conversation after the inspection.

For landlords with properties on Airbnb

Landlords can send us a link to the property details and we’ll provide a rental estimate based on the photos. If the property has a key box, landlords should send us the code and, once again, we’ll follow up with a video call once we’re at the property so that any specific details can be discussed.

On boarding with Umega

Once a landlord is happy to proceed with Umega we can take care of our entire onboarding process online (ID checks, T&Cs and other information gathering) to avoid landlords having to meet up face to face.

We’re also doing what we can to help tenants remotely

Due to the challenges prospective tenants face in viewing properties during the Coronavirus outbreak we’re creating video tours of our available properties so that these can be viewed and booked remotely; providing a much needed service to tenants while increasing the chances of renting out the property for landlords. 


We’ll do everything we possibly can to help landlords and tenants navigate through these challenging times.