Umega Lettings is recognised as Scotland’s leading residential letting agent, winning the Scottish Home Awards and The Herald Property Awards in 2018. We’re committed to improving standards in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and this applies to Build To Rent where we offer our in-depth knowledge and quality service to this emerging part of the PRS.

Our Edinburgh Build to Rent services include;

Site Appraisal – our experience and knowledge of the Edinburgh PRS and access to data via our Edinburgh rental datahub means we can accurately forecast rents for prospective build to rent schemes providing key information for development appraisals.

Specification – we understand what tenants want. We advise on tenants’ amenity wish-lists (including shared lounges, gyms, co-working areas, shared transport) and will advice on the best use of space to maximise rental income and to appeal to tenants’ rapidly changing lifestyle needs. We’ll help design your site to maximise rent and tenant retention.

Marketing – we know how to create an exciting, dynamic, tenant-focused brand, standing out in Edinburgh.  Umega is a brand that Edinburgh tenants trust and we’ve streamlined the marketing process via; out of hours viewing booking, virtual tours, online tenant referencing and online lease signing ensuring a quick turnaround and keeping any voids to a minimum. We have a deep knowledge of Edinburgh’s tenants so we can be targeted with our tenant acquisition strategy.

Management – We understand that our tenants are our customers too and subsequently we are trusted by Edinburgh tenants who trust us as their managing agent. We build positive relationships with tenants and will build a solid community within Build To Rent developments. We closely monitor tenant satisfaction so that we can respond to tenant feedback and all our staff are trained to high standards to compliment the high level of specification offered within the Build To Rent sector. Our partnerships with Health & Safety experts, M&E compliance teams, 24/7 maintenance support and insurance companies ensure that we can stabilise and manage Build To Rent blocks successfully.

Disposal – we will assist and cooperate in the disposal of Edinburgh Build To Rent developments to allow a successful exit for funds and developers.