How a Property Management Service Edinburgh Company Can Help You to Manage Your Property

A property management service company can really take the stress out of managing your investment property. When buying an investment property it is not as simple as just finding a tenant and collecting the rent each month. A property management company will take care of all sorts of things, including;

  • Making sure all the right tenancy documents are served. It is essential that all the correct paperwork is completed prior to a tenancy and a property management company will be up to speed with what’s required
  • Ensuring an adequate inventory is taken – this is an extremely important document when it comes to the end of the tenancy so needs to be done properly and will ensure you property is looked after
  • Dealing with any maintenance issues as they arise. You don’t want to have to deal with a phone call at 10pm when there is a leak from above so let your letting agents do this! Letting agents will have plenty trades contacts so will make sure you get the best deal
  • Keep on top of safety certificates. Legislation around lettings is tightening up and there are more and more safety certificates and installations required so your letting agent will have all these in their diary and take care of these so you don’t have to!
  • Chasing rents. If the rent is ever late, the property management company will chase this on your behalf and keep you updated. Save you feeling awkward having to knock on the tenants door to ask where the rent is!
  • Serving the correct documents for the tenants to vacate. It is very easy, with short assured tenancies, to get the paperwork wrong when tenants move out. Property management service companies should know what they’re doing!
  • Checking the tenants out of the property. The letting agents will check the inventory when the tenants vacate and will deal with the tenancy deposit scheme to ensure the correct deductions are made from the tenants deposit
  • Simultaneously marketing the property for re-let and carrying out associated viewings and credit checks so you don’t have to! Letting agents will know the current market rents so will be able to maximise the rent you’ll achieve for your property at re-let.

Property management service company Edinburgh

So, as you can see there are plenty reasons why you should instruct a property management Edinburgh company to take care of your property for you. Instruct the right agent and they’ll take the stress out of things for you and let you get on with your life, while they take good care of your property investment!